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Keep Your Cup Full

There is a debate as to whether a focus on self love is a self obsessed characteristic that demoralizes God’s grace. There is heavy emphasis within the world today to do just that. Self is the priority which does in fact undermine God’s authority and grace. Being of service to others and loving them as we love ourselves is quite certainly the intent so clearly demonstrated by Christ. Yet there has to be a balance.

For some coming into a new found life of recovery and faith can be overwhelming. Although we may have come to a point of believing in something greater than ourselves the process of full surrender is typically not an overnight process. My experience with surrender has been in stages. As my faith grows, as my ability to trust grows, as my discernment and intuition align themselves… I surrender different pieces of myself during each stage of growth. This is a unique experience for each individual. Through each stage I have shed selfish ambitions and shifted to a place of love and service to others.

Back to my point of balance, the reality is one cannot pour from an empty cup. In order for me to efficiently be of service to others with an attitude that is kept in check, I must take care of myself. God has provided me with the knowledge and means to do so. Self care can look different each day but the point is that God’s grace is that He provides for me to listen closely to the intuition instilled in me. Past the point of listening to self-will (my head) and following that thread deep down to God’s will (intuition).

For me it takes fulfilling myself with the truth in God’s word, taking the time to reflect and spend quiet time with my Creator each day to stay filled and knowing what it looks like to take care of myself: mind, body and spirit. God’s love has allowed me the space to heal from the past enough to love myself. In loving myself, I must care for myself in the same capacity I am willing to care for others. It’s a domino effect coming from the source of God’s unconditional love and it is truly a beautiful thing.

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