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Be Still

One of the simplest tasks that I struggle with is just sitting still. You would think it would be easy. Sit still, relax, reflect, listen... yet every fiber of my being wants to battle against it. From the anxiety that dances around in my brain to the emotions that rage within my heart, simply learning to be has been the greatest challenge of this season in my life. I can lean into trust. I can practice acceptance. Then the epic battle of simply sitting in it while not attempting to control or manipulate the situation to fit my desires commences.

There is a part of me that still relates being still to not being productive. Shifting my mentality to comprehend that by sitting still for a time it allows me to become more productive. It allows me to get in tune with my Creator in order to more clearly see the path laid out before me. It gives me space to mindfully assess my needs in order to walk firmly and confidently. If acceptance is key, then stillness is foundational because without the time to reflect deep within I am still haphazardly wandering without true direction.

In coming to believe in something so much greater than myself, I have been able to slowly learn how to turn things over to God. By turning them over fully, I am committing to the action of sitting still. Just because I turn them over does not mean that I forget about them and move on. It means that I acknowledge each situation or feeling, accept that it is out of my control, assess what I can work on within myself to support more productive outcomes in the future, allowing myself to feel whatever comes up then making a decision to sit still, listen and apply what God gives me to my life.

Today I will actively practice the art of sitting still. I will not guilt or shame myself for any feelings that come up. I will practice kindness to myself and others.

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