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Colorful Crystal

about me.

Artist is a word that defines me deeper than just what I create. I first discovered art on the streets as a rebellious teen looking to stir things up and leave her mark. Tagging buildings was where it all began.


Overcoming the struggle of long lasting battle with mental health challenges and substance abuse disorder seemed unattainable. During my second prison sentence,  I was given the opportunity to work on the Art Detail at Whitworth Women’s Facility. My daily task was to create original innovative artworks for the staff and state.


Art allowed me to communicate and it became an outlet to express emotions that I never was able to cope with or filter before. My pathway to recovery became my art. Today, I am able to seek out many different avenues from there by embracing the bandwidth of my talent and passion. Ultimately, it has brought me true healing and home to my authentic self. 🤍

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Sarah Lierin
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