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22x24 canvas

Naked and ashamed I stand before my Maker

Eyes cast down, head hung low

He tilts up my chin gently

Whispers softly, Do not cry

I open my eyes but cannot see past the light

Bare and trembling

I hit my knees and sing out

Arms lifted up in praise of the glory before me

Humbled to my core

Ego thrown away

As He lifts the chains from around me

And my soul sings within my fleshly body

My spirit vibrates in tune with its Creator

He calls to me softly, calmly lovingly

My child, my child

Follow me.

My service I commit to you and you alone

To be your vessel and your tool

To sharpen those whose paths cross in this journey

Faith shapes me, molds me in Your image

To love others as You love me

To trust and obey

🌙 Shades of Pandemonium

🐉 Sarah Lierin Corley


Sweet Surrender

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