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The Call

In a world that is copy & paste, CREATE.

When ego is cast away and true humility is reached then one can become. Humble yourself before your God.

Life is but a series of awakenings… only your own mind will limit the number.

Creator, create! Why do you hold to these man made walls? The extent of which you can expand is immeasurable. Expand. Be set free!

What are these constructs? These bars that hold me captive? Will you not let me out? When you feel me rage?? Will you not let me be unleashed? Artist! Create! You make worlds with your very mind. Made in your Creator’s reflection. Why do you sit so docile? Caged?

You are a huntress. Primal in your own right. Why do you allow these man made irons to hold you back? Why do you allow these rules & regulations to create a barrier?

We are not meant to be caged. We are fierce. We are passion. We are fire.

We serve a purpose and if they extinguish us, who will kindle the fire the next time around?

We will not burn to ash. We will instead fan the flame God has lit and set the world on fire with our passion & purpose.

God has called and we must step into action to glorify Him. Believe and embrace your faith. Stay focused on God, faithful in the Word & cling to the truth that will as you free.


Sarah Lierin Corley

🌙 Shades of Pandemonium

Isaiah 26:3 “For you I will keep in perfect peace, those whose eyes are steadfast on me.”

Healing Heart

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